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Forever Young

Forever Young – How to Delay Aging and to Live Disease Free?

14 South Washington Street, Naperville (Next to YMCA)
(Parking in the rear off Benton Street)


Friday, September 7       at 7    pm 

Saturday, September 8  at 6    pm 

Sunday,  September 9    at 4    pm

For further details contact: napersda@gmail.com

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Studies show that aging results in a number of anatomical and physiological changes that impact nutritional status of individuals and increase risk of variety of health problems. In his three-lecture series doctor Roman Pawlak will discuss the most important aspects of healthy aging. How to avoid nutritional deficiencies and prevent, or at least delay, age-related health problems.

About the speaker:
Dr. Roman Pawlak is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at East Carolina University in North Carolina. He has worked on an expert panel on Vegetarian Nutrition Evidence Analysis Project for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic and co-authored manuscripts for professional organizations, such as Vegetarian Toolkit for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. His manuscripts on B12 vitamin were published in American and international journals including the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Nutrition Reviews, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, Diabetes Spectrum, and International Journal of Health Science. 
He has lectured about diet and nutrition in South, Central and North America, Europe and Asia. He has written several books: Vitamin B12 – Combating the Epidemic of Deficiency, Forever Young – Secrets of Delaying Aging and Living Disease Free, Healthy Diet Without Secrets, In Defense of Vegetarianism, Vegan/Vegetarian Mother and Her Baby, Diabetes. How to Prevent It? How to Cure It? How to Prevent Diabetes Complications?
Friday: Vitamin D
Saturday: Vitamin B12
Sunday: DHA Fatty Acid